Hello, my name is Vieri Berretti and I'm running to be your Ward 10 representative on Edmonton City Council. As a candidate, I offer a new approach and perspective to Ward 10 residents that ensures their voices are heard and needs are met.

I am running for City Council because Edmonton is my home and I care about its future. I love this city. I was born and raised here after my parents immigrated from Italy. I have been fortunate to also raise my own daughter in Edmonton. After attending the University of Alberta, I began an over three decade long career in the food and hospitality industry, ultimately starting my own successful local business. I am the former President of Latitude 53 and have also been involved in various community and charity initiatives such as parent councils and Run for the Cure. My experience in the business world and nonprofit sector make me an ideal candidate to represent Ward 10’s needs.

Ward 10 needs a councillor who takes action and listens to its constituents. Currently, issues such as densification, infill lots, and urban sprawl have a huge impact on the lives of residents in Ward 10. Constituents want responsible leadership with regards to issues surrounding public transit, bike lanes, and speed limits. I offer the experience and leadership to stand up and confront these problems head on. I believe politicians should work alongside developers and planners to get it right from the beginning. The City’s current cookie cutter approach to these issues needs to be re-evaluated, and meaningful two way public consultation has to become the foundation of a well thought out, open, transparent, inclusive and democratic plan.


Partisan politics, closed-door deals and the misuse of political capital pit neighbours against one another. I want to create an open dialog where all residents feel they are heard, valued and understood. Over the past four years, the voices of Ward 10 residents have not been heard. I want us to look forward to the next four years with the confidence that residents will not only be heard, but respected and valued. I will fight for the priorities of the constituents of Ward 10 to be represented at city hall while focusing on making Edmonton’s growth a priority.

I believe in creating a plan for growth that reflects the rights and needs of the constituents of Ward 10, as well as citizens throughout Edmonton. For me, it is not an either/or. By all of us coming together and focussing on the issues that matter, we can make Edmonton the best it can be.


Movements that create change happen because people come together. There are many opportunities to being part of this movement if you are interested. Please consider contributing in whatever way is meaningful to you. We need your help to bring true representation back to Ward 10.