I am proud to be the only candidate in Ward 10 to be endorsed by the EDLC and CLC.




Mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton will suffer increasingly from City Council’s inadequate direction on
densification and infill, while the voices of residents and communities in Ward 10 lost ground
measurably over the past four years. I am impressed with Vieri Berretti’s knowledge of Edmonton. He
listens. Along with a genuine business background Vieri Berretti offers imaginative concepts on how to
remedy a deficit in rapport between residents in Ward 10 and City Council.     

- Baldwin Reichwein, Greenfield resident  

I am supporting Vieri’s campaign in Ward 10 because I believe he will fight for what I think is sorely
lacking on our current council, Vieri will be our voice at city hall. For the last 3-1/2 years I have been told
by our current councillor that I don’t understand what the city is doing and they need to do a better job
of explaining it to me. Vieri represents a breath of fresh air and his energy, his ability to listen and his
past business experience will result in a stronger council and a stronger Edmonton.

- Steve Holmes, Aspen Gardens resident

I support Vieri Berretti as I am convinced that he is a principled and honest individual who will genuinely
work on behalf of the residents of Ward 10 and our interests. I judge Vieri to be a person of integrity
who is capable and able to restore the confidence that we have lost in our elected council
representative and bring back truth and democracy within ward 10.

- Wayne MacDonald, Westbrook resident

I am supporting Vieri as I am not happy with our current city council/councilors.  I am
opposed to lot splitting in every community, the LRT, bike lanes, bridge work have all been debacles.  In
speaking with Vieri, he too agrees that there is need for change.  I am volunteering on the campaign as a
way to support him and have things change for our city. 

- David Vetsch, Aspen Gardens resident

"Over our many years of friendship, I’ve come to know Vieri Berretti as a passionate, dedicated individual who deeply cares for his community and is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others. He understands the problems affecting homeowners and has solutions that I can support and get behind.

The City of Edmonton has so far failed to address the concerns of residents in our community and there needs to be change.

Vieri is a proven leader and I believe someone we can trust to listen to our concerns and address them in a meaningful way to produce results."

- Dean Hansen, President Paragon FusionClad Ltd.

"With your business experience and arts background you are the perfect fit for council right now"

- Sydney Lancaster, Edmonton Artist

"My family members and I were very pleased to make Vieri Berretti's acquaintance and to pledge our support and assistance for his campaign. This is a person and candidate worthy of our support and a person who is willing to work hard to ensure that he creates a better community and understanding with homeowners and neighbours where our current representation is woefully lacking. Finally, we have a true "grass roots" candidate who is willing to engage with other elected municipal councillors to ensure that our property rights as Edmonton city homeowners and interests are heard and represented at city hall."

- Elizabeth and Ian MacDonald